cheruphim said:

aside from that how has his videos been? i haven’t really been watching them since i kinda had a fall out with them not too long ago, but i’ve heard people saying the new vids haven’t been that decent

too informative, not enough Apples nor Grapes, little to no Malkovich being present.

So you side with Jontron? Cuz honestly I can't see where all this hate for him is coming from wow


And yeah.

I meant more on the whole pun and "the end" thing you added at the end

The whole rebuttal was just a long I HATE HUMOR rant so I found that the most fitting.







JonTron is still an asshole.

More news at, I mean, honestly just fuck it, read his Twitter, he’s a mess. 

"Lol but dudes are hurt by video game representation too."

Unless he’s talkin’ bout dudes of Color than I don’t wanna hear shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. 

Of course, you guys have always been ignorant unless what you hear promotes your bitching.

He has never said dudes are hurt why aren`t we dealing with it, he pointed out a double-sided gender-stereotype existing. He never said that should be something that is to be dealt with, he pointed that out to counter Anita`s own way of presenting HER ideas in HER videos. Of course due to Twitter`s shitty character count he was not able to put it out there properly and with further bit of pushing from biased portion of SJWs, suddenly it was regarded as an MRA thing.

Just a while ago Jon said a lot of stuff in the polaris co-optional podcast (will be uploaded to YouTube tomorrow I figure) so, really, just listen to the guy for more than what 120 characters allow to make a goddamn retort against all the biased backlash and death threats alike.

Bolding and Italics mine…wow tho..I 


Oh my god I know what this IS

It is like I am talking to a brick wall with a memorized script whenever I am talking to one of you fuckers

I am putting everything aside about MEN depicted as UNINTELLIGENT and NONNEGOTIABLE in their savagery. I have never said the stereotypes of men NOT BEING pOWER FANTASIES. They ARE. I`ve never said sexualization and objectification of women is less or equal problems than this. I have never said that. I said men stereotypes exist. That is it. That is what he said too.

Are you telling me that does not exist? Why do you think getting dismissive and condescending in tags makes your arguments more viable IN AN ARGUMENT? Don’t you know debates do not work that way? Why do you all ALWAYS think it makes you 105% right to go for insults and name callings? Do you think that will actually solve sexism? Or let me ask it this way, do you actually want to solve sexism? Because it feels more like everyone on this site and people who send JonTron spam over spam on Twitter just bask in this idea of being in absolute no-naysay power in a fight for the only time in your goddamn fucking lives.


1. I never insulted you or called you a name so cut that shit out.

2. I know how debates work, I wasn’t really that interested in debating you, not really in the mood. 

3. Okay, so you admit that those are in fact, problems with with female depictions in videogames and that men stereotypes aren’t on the same level as female stereotypes. 

THEN WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU BRING IT UP DURING A DISCUSSION ABOUT FEMALE STEREOTYPES IN VIDEO GAMES? That’s called de-railing a conversation, it’s also a good example of how you don’t debate. During a debate you need to stay on topic, bringing in other, irrelevant shit loses you points and only serves to distract from the main point.  JonTron wasn’t trying to debate Tim, Jon, was saying “Yes, I see your point about women, BUT WhAT ABOUT THE DUUUUUDES?”

That’s like if 2 people were talking about shoes and you just ran in and started talking about sweaters. I’m glad you prefer cashmere double stitched with an argyle pattern to knitted wool but what did that have to do with the fucking shoes?

You wanna talk about troubles of male representation in video games? Go ahead, shit, I’ll help you edit the goddamned thing,  but don’t fucking interrupt a conversation/statement about one thing with a different thing cause you feel left out.



Also, who are “You all.”? Last I checked it was just me? Talk about just me, don’t bring in imaginary people to this conversation. I don’t have an army behind me or anything. Just one woman and a keyboard. 

Your tags under the post were dismissive, you have basically called me an uninformed jackass and sounded like you were aimed to plug ears and shout tralala like most SJWs on this site do nowadays. Thanks for not doing it and sorry for dismissing your individuality by associating you to an invisible army.

Jon was not bringing that out of the blue like it is something that he just heard about. The reply was directly done on account of everyone who knows and has watched the entirety of Anita Sarkeesian’s relevant video, which makes no effort on either mentioning how mens side of this issue is less important due to what, or what are the actual serious implications of sexuality or objectification in video games and other media (other than pointing fingers at examples and leaving it at that). It sounded like an MRA chant because of 120 character limit being just spat out haphazardly but apparently it is all it takes to be The Neckbeard, Toppler of Society.

He recently did a loong podcast with TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox and Dodger *in polaris` Co-Optional podcast series which should be uploaded to YouTube within this day) explaining this situation and debating about it in true detail. I think it is a better platform for such arguments rather than the YouTube channel he uses to host his comedy sketches.

Yes, I have been a little hectic with such retorts about you and I am sorry about that.

That anon. See? Wasn't a jump scare! lol but didn't understand your input. Mind elaborating?

From a previous anonrush at my blog I did get some clickbaits to jumpscare sites so allow me to take repercussions.

Honestly I am more angry at Jon for using the same OVERREACT TO WEIRD THING IN GAME joke over and over in recent videos.




You know what Tim Schafer is? Tim Schafer is an adult. Fuck yeah.

He is not acting like one, I will say.

More like the self-important high and mighty Tim Burton of Video Gaymz he always was.

Same anon: that actually demonstrates my point of miscommunication due to the limits of short text posts. The miscommunication I was inferring was to his responses orginally meant to be comedic but interpreted in another way; I am not (cont)


I am not condoning using a word offensively to depreciate or dehumanizing of the handicapable or any other group. Strangely, with comedy, many taboo topics and subjects are discussed in a comedic manner for laughter, to entertain. such discussion in that light is under the pretense of none of what is discussed to meant offensively, demeaning, and/or derogatory. Comedy is an interesting thing that allows the passing of certain lines; many persians make jokes of their own race, many Christians make fun of their own religion, many people make fun of their own family, not to attack or demean but to entertain with the understanding that it isn’t at their expense. Even now, it is a discussion that many feel passionately on both sides whether it’s offensive to make fun of their own race creed whatever, but that’s besides the point. The question I originally posed to you is that, in your opinion, what would be the (cont.)

either your messages stopped sending or you finally stopped, but idc either way. you’re still apologetic and gross as hell. There’s nothing comedic about making fun of other groups of people. You’re referencing people making fun of themselves/their own marginalized groups, but since when is Jon a part of the disabled community?? You’re also assuming that just because it can be done, that means it is inherently funny, or that it’s inherently entertaining to make fun of marginalized groups in that manner. Can I make fun of women as a whole by making generalized statements?? Yes. Is it okay?? Is it not harmful because I’m a woman??? Not in the fucking slightest. I can make “women are so whiny” jokes up and down the street and it’s still gross as fuck because it’s still making light of huuuuuge issues women face as a community that revolve around people viewing us in a certain way. “Understanding it isn’t at their expense”??? But it fucking is. It really is. It’s still spreading a harmful idea about a group of people. Get off your high horse.

And this isn’t even relating to the issue at hand. You’re completely dodging the subject. The point is Jon said something shitty, when told he said something shitty he said something EVEN SHITTIER, and then he NEVER APOLOGIZED FOR HIS ACTION AND EVEN DARES TO DEFEND HIMSELF. 

I’m just blabbering at this point bc i see no need to try to convince you of something that you obviously do not care enough about to see the opposing view. It’s harmful. It’s gross. Jon’s gross. You’re gross. End of story. Please think about the feelings of those hurt by his actions before you run up to the mic screaming “BUT WHAT ABOUT MY OPINION?????”

lets not make any jokes but puns ever

the end humor is over

U should check out "azbees" tumblr. Saw them argue w anon, who talked calmly,l to azbee, but they reacted holier than thou, basically yelling "SHUT UP U R WRONG AND STUPID" while saying how smart they are

ok but if its a jumpscare blog im gonna fucking come after you buddy

I really don't understand where there hate towards Jon is coming from; nothing he has said has seemed offensive and I feel he brings good points.

He did bad once by calling SOMEONE retarded and never apologizing, which has more negative connotations than calling an inanimate object retarded.

The seek for his apology has been moot ever since he got death threats and various open insults, which some fucked-up self-righteous people think is justifiable.

I agree with you. Due to the limits of the internet and the millions of interpretations taken on each of the 120 characters, people will take offense and/or find fault on even the most benign comments.

people love to be annoyed in this day and age because they just want to be right for one time in their life.

so much so it obstructs their view of how much they derail from their once valid arguments completely debunking by their intensely hypothetical way of handling such arguments.